Please read this page to learn more advanced commands that can enhance your in-game experience. Basic commands can be learned at /warp SurvivalTutorial and /warp SkyGrid.

How to Create a Team:

/team create, /team leave, /team join, /team tag, /team sethome, /team delhome, /team home, /team setwarp, /team delwlap, /team warp, /team warps, /team promote, /team demote, /team disband, /team ally, /team neutral, /team title, /team ban, /team description, /team color

*Message a staff member to add a team tag to the discord server. Provide them with the name and color wanted.


How to Lock Your Chests:

All chests should lock automatically when being placed, regardless if they are located in your claimed region or not. Use these commands to set up chests you can share with others!

/unlock, /lock, /lwc modify password (adds a password to your chest.. let your team members know the password), /lwc modify public (makes the chest able to be open by anyone.. use this on claimed land to share with your team!), /lwc modify private (makes the chest private)


How to Claim Land:  Claim your land to prevent griefing!

/ps info members|owners|flags

  • - Use this command inside a ps region to see more information about it.

/ps add|remove [playername]

  • Use this command to add or remove a member of your protected region. Add -a (/ps add -a [name] to add to all regions you own.

/ps addowner|removeowner [playername]

  • Use this command to add or remove an owner of your protected region.

/ps hide

  • Use this command to hide your protectionstones block.

/ps unhide

  • Use this command to unhide your protectionstones block.

/ps setparent [region|none]

  • Set the region you are in to inherit properties from another region you own

/ps priority [number|null]

  • Use this command to set your region's priority.

/ps name [name|none]

  • Nickname your region to help identify it easily.

/ps home [name/id (optional)]

  • Teleports you to one of your owned protected regions.

/ps sethome

  • Set the home location of an owned region

/ps view

  • Use this command to view the region's boundaries.

/ps unclaim

  • Use this command to pickup a placed protection stone and remove the region.

/ps list [playername (optional)]

  • List the regions you or another player owns.

/ps count [playername (optional)]

  • Count the number you or another player owns.

/ps merge

  • Merge the region you are in into a neighboring region.


How to Set up a Shop:

Items needed: 2 chests, a sign, item you want to receive, item you want to sell, and redstone.

1. Place 2 chests in close proximity of each other.

Chest 1: the item(s) you want to sell

Chest 2: the item(s) you want to receive

2. Fill the chests with with the items.

3. Place a sign on chest 1.

The sign should read as follows:

Line 1: [Trade]

Lines 2-4: These lines should describe what the player is purchasing and what the cost is.

4. Once you have finished steps 1-4, grab a piece of redstone and click the chests and sign in this exact order: Chest 2, Chest 1, Sign.

*This should then activate your shop! You will know if your shop has been activated if the [Trade] line turns blue.

* If you would like your shop displayed at the warp wall at the survival spawn to attract more buyers, please ask a staff member!

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