Name: Legendary Rank
Price: 60.00 USD

Legendary: Donator Rank

Thank you for donating to the server. This server is ran by a single operator. Your donations go towards supporting the server! New features may be added to these ranks at any time. Your rank will automatically be updated to reflect these changes to our ever-expanding server!

Survival Perks:

/kit LegendaryKit
- Full netherite tools
- 64 cooked steak
- 64 soul torches
Cool down: 3 days

/kit WingsofLegend
- (Elytra)
- Elytra Enchantments: mending, unbreaking III, curse of vanishing, curse of binding
Cool down: 1 time use only!

/kit firework
- Get a pack of fireworks ! | 2 hour cool down

/kit InfinityKit

- Diamond sword (Sharpness 5)
- Diamond pickaxe
- Diamond hoe
- Diamond axe
- 64 torches
- 64 cooked steak
Cooldown: 3 days

/kit StoneTools
- full set of stone tools
Cool down: 3 hours

/kit IronTools

- Full set of iron tools
Cool Down: 4 hours

/kit rocket

- 32 firework rockets
Cool down: 6 hours

-/kit CompanionKit

(wolf spawn egg + 4 bones)

Cooldown: 6 hours

-/kit CowboyKit

(horse spawn egg, 1 saddle, 8 wheat)

/kit feast
- A package of 7 food items!
Cool down: 5 hours

- Use /sethome to set 30 different homes.

(Regular users are allowed up to 3 homes.)

Global Perks: 

- [Legendary] prefix to your in-game username.

- ability to add color to signs

- /kit color (useful book to provide you with in-game color codes)

SPECIAL: The ability to mine spawners with a silk-touch pickaxe! Mine any in-game spawner.

SUPER-OP COMMANDS (Available for all game-modes)


(This command is limited to the survival game-mode only.)


(Heal yourself!)