Name: Mushy's Magic Crate Key
Price: 2.50 USD

This key may only be used from the survival server's "Mushy's Magic Crate".

Please read: If you win a spawner you are only allowed a 1 time placement of the item! If you move the block it will be deleted from the world.

24 different items to win:

- Axolotl spawner
- Rabbit spawner
- Dolphin spawner
- Tropical fish spawner
- Mushy helmet

Mending, unbreaking II, respiration III
- Mushy chest plate

Fire protection II, mending, unbreaking III, thorns I
- Mushy pants

Protection III, thorns II, unbreaking II
- Mushy boots

Feather falling IV, mending, protection II, unbreaking III
- Granny’s Night Cap

Unbreaking II, thorns I, respiration II, protection I
- Granny’s Sweater
Fire protection IV, mending, thorns III, unbreaking III
- Granny’s Pants

Protection III, thorns III, unbreaking I
- Granny’s Slippers

Feather falling II, fire protection IV, mending, unbreaking II
- Netherite Sword (Granny’s Spatula)

Bane of arthropods II, fire aspect II, looting I, unbreaking I
- Netherite Pickaxe (Granny’s Pickaxe)

- Netherite Hoe (Granny’s Weed Whacker)

Silk touch, unbreaking I
- Gold Froggy Slippers

Feather falling IV, protection IV, mending
- Iron Froggy Pickaxe

Unbreaking III, looting III, fortune III
- Otherwise disc
- 64 Gold ingots
- 7x Villager spawn egg
- 10x Diamonds

- Snow White’s golden apple (x5)

- Silk touch enchantment book
- Looting III enchantment book
- Pegasus Wings (Elytra)