Name: Diagon's Spawners Crate Key
Price: 4.50 USD

This key may only be used from the survival server's "Diagon's Spawners Crate".

PLEASE NOTE: Spawners may only be placed one time only! Only Infinity and Legendary ranks may mine a spawner with a silk touch pickaxe. Players without this ability will not be able to mine their spawners after placing them. This means you should be sure of where you are placing your spawners and make sure they are in a protected area!

Crates you may win:

(Equal percentage chance to win any item)

- Axolotl
- Cat
- Wolf
- Rabbit
- Panda
- Polar Bear
- Zombie Horse
- Skeleton Horse
- Enderman
- Wither Skeleton
- Parrot
- Chicken
- Sheep
- Mooshroom
- Cow
- Turtle
- Dolphin
- Iron golem
- Villager
- Magma Cube
- Slime
- Vex
- Zombified Piglin